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Gold Exploration and Refinery

Affinery Gold Ghana aims to make large, high-value gold discoveries leading directly to new mines while focusing on delivering value through incremental additions to reserves in existing mines as well as new discoveries in defined areas around existing operations. Our exploration team consist of the industry’s most successful in Mineral Resource discovery. The team has a proven track record that includes the discovery of world-class ore bodies around the world. We provide a pipeline of high-quality and rigorously prioritised exploration projects, which in turn lead towards discovery of new deposits and mines.

Aiding in Development

 Most of the large gold mining companies in Ghana export the gold they produced to other countries in its raw form. If all the minerals produced in the country were refined, there would have been an added value before exportation. Affinery Gold Ghana Ltd Aims to introduce Gold refinery in Ghana to help solve this problem. We will always meet our financial obligations to government for socio-economic development.

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